Your Coach, Madam….

My approach to cars and purses is similar. If my car starts when I turn the key in the ignition, goes forward when I put it in drive, and stops when I press the brake, then I’m happy. Horsepower, sexy lines, leather seats with “bun warmers” are nice, but I don’t seek them out. I feel the same way about my purses. I like one that is small, holds my stuff in an organized manner, Continue reading

The Whiskey Cure…

My son, Steve just sent me a bulletin. “Scotch, scotchy scotch. I love scotch.” I never knew. (There are things a mother shouldn’t know…ya know?). But it reminded me of the forced whiskey and honey cold cure. My mom (somewhat …dependent…as 60’s frustrated wives occasionally were..) was a firm believer in the whiskey/honey/lemon cure. If my brother or I were to demonstrate even the slightest indication of a cold, flu or stomach upset, her immediate Continue reading

The Chicken Bone

“Don’t you dare throw that out there!” My husband looked aghast as I rolled down the window and prepared to throw a half-eaten chicken bone out the window onto the ranchland as we rode up the driveway (on our own property, I might add!). He continued…. “A coyote might choke on it!” I could envision his mother (and mine, and probably yours…) with her hands on her hips lecturing about the possibility of chicken bones Continue reading

Can’t See The Forest

Out here in the high desert of northeast Nevada, the views go on forever.  We look out our front door and see the Ruby Mountain range extending north and south as far as we can see. The rolling foothills undulate in the foreground. Behind us,  to the west, we watch the sun fall behind Lamoille summit, about 8 miles away, and beyond that another 25 miles, Adobe summit. We truly have 180 degree views. But Continue reading

The MixMaster

mixerweb It took my breath away. Walking down the aisle of the antique show I glanced toward the booth where it sat, and its gleaming yellow and chrome called to me. I froze in mid-stride. In the words of former President Jimmy Carter, “I lusted in my heart.” Gathering my resolve, I walked away, only to turn around ten steps later and walk back to the booth to hold it, caress it. My husband watched, slack-jawed Continue reading

Life in the fast lane…..

Whew! Well, don’t say that WE aren’t part of the jet set!  Now that I am awake and recovering from our New Year’s Eve celebration, I will condescend to share with you the log of our festivities. It started in the morning with a snowshoeing expedition with the dogs around the property. Only once around in 10″ of snow was enough excitement for me, so I retired back to the safety (and warmth) of my Continue reading
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