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Obviously, we dodged a big bullet here in Hawaii.  The Japanese earthquake triggered a tsunami that wreaked devastation in Japan, and could easily have done the same here.  Instead, we had some reported property damage, but no reports of injury or loss of life. Grateful?  You bet! And though I thank our lucky stars that we weren’t affected, I ache for those in Japan, and their families.  Since we have a huge Japanese population here Continue reading


…I’m very good at it. I was so looking forward to my eight days off, which started Sunday morning after finishing my night shift. Beach…..sightseeing…..beach….kayaking…..I had great plans for doing some of the fun things we hadn’t had time to do in months. But Monday I was still too dragged out from the night shifts. And Tuesday DH had some projects he really wanted to get done in the yard in preparation for SB’s (and Continue reading

Just like camping….

…almost. Yesterday I came home in the morning after finishing two grueling night shifts…, respiratory arrests, beau coup admissions…. I made it as far as the patio couch, where I vegged and dosed on and off. I was so spent, physically and mentally that I was admittedly quite emotional. As I gazed at the ocean, the beautiful greenery surrounding me and listened to the sounds of the tropical birds, I got teary and thought “God, Continue reading

Things I wonder about….

We don’t get much thunder and lightning here, but last week it was a spectacular show of flashes across the ocean. And I wondered… whales or other sea creatures ever get hit by lightning? Apparently, I’m not the only one who has wondered….. And why do egrets stand on the backs of cattle and horses…. And why does someone (obviously with a pea-sized brain) park her shopping cart…SIDEWAYS…..across the middle of an aisle on a Continue reading

A Ray of Sunshine

It wasn’t a bad day today.  But it does get depressing when every patient on my service is dealing with the accumulation of many medical problems… Ninety-three year old stroke victims. Fifty-seven year old alcoholics with teminal liver disease. Eighty-five year old with congestive heart failure. It tends to wear on me after awhile. So, after another day of it today, I gratefully headed toward the elevator to go out to my car. Just before Continue reading

I try so…..

…not to gloat….. But, today is February 21st. It was 82 degrees today. The solar panels charged to 6.8Kw. DH rototilled the garden in order to plant tomato and Poha Berry. At dinner, we sat on the lanai, listened to the rain as it peppered the roof, and watched the cruise ship Golden Princess pass by on its way to Oahu. …and sometimes, you just gotta pinch yourself to make sure you’re awake and that Continue reading

A Homer Moment

In two weeks we will celebrate our third anniversary of moving to Hawaii. In that time we have learned many of the quirks of island living. One of those is drinking water. We live on catchment water: our water supply is provided by the abundant rains, which cascade off our metal roofs, into a large (10,000 gallon) holding tank, then pumped into the house. The water is filtered, and we plan to add a UV Continue reading

RRS, This couch is for you!

CIMG0029 So, some friends are planning on visiting Big Island in April, and we are trying to convince a third friend to join the party. But, if everyone comes, we were a bed short. Until today.  Soft, comfortable, convertible couch to 1  1/2 size bed, covered in microfiber, and just perfect for RRS! So, RRS, Join us!

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning……

DH and I worked very hard last week to finish up the new solar electric system…..and my poor old body is still recovering from the exertion. This week I worked 5 twelve hour days. One of the other docs commented as I arrived yesterday “Gee, you look beat! I’ve never seen you walk so slow!” We’ve had out of town guests until yesterday morning, and though DH did most of the entertaining and tour-guiding due Continue reading

When will they ever learn…..

The Woody Guthrie song made famous by Peter, Paul and Mary came to mind as I tried to crawl out of bed this morning. “Where have all the backbones gone, long time passing? Where have all the muscles gone, long time ago……” Our solar power system needed an upgrade to supply more kilowatts, so DH and I trundled off to our friendly neighborhood solar supply store and bought 21 new panels: each supplies 225 watts Continue reading

Useless Piece of …….

….fill in the blank. It has been a longstanding–sort of—joke between DH and me.  Whenever he has something of great import to tell me (what he calls instructing me intensely) I usually answer “Sorry, I am a useless piece of crap, piece of $#&*……) So today, when he was trying to figure out where the beams are under the roof, in order to drill holes for the new solar panel rails, I suggested that I Continue reading

Those who cannot remember the past……

…..are condemned to repeat it. So said George Santayana. ….we repeat….and we repeat…… Years ago when building our house in Nevada, we had to lay 1500 feet of conduit, through which the wires for electric service would be pulled. DH and I slaved for several days to dig the trench, glue the pvc pieces together, lay the pipe in the trench, and then rebury the pipe.  We patted ourselves on the back for a job Continue reading
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