Where Rain Reigns

Well, the Nevadans picked a good week to visit us, because since they left it has rained. Not drizzled. Not misted. Not showered. Rained in torrents and buckets and downpours and deluges. Our gently meandering gulch stream is now a raging river: …and the moderately impressive waterfalls seen from the bridges down the road are now dangerous cataracts. Complain?  Not us!  As DH says, “thank you Jesus for free water supply!” Besides, if we want Continue reading

For KH and SB:

Tonights weather on Mauna Kea: Winter Weather Advisory Tonight: A slight chance of rain and snow showers before 8pm, then a slight chance of snow showers between 8pm and midnight. The rain could be heavy at times. Some thunder is also possible. Patchy freezing fog after midnight. Partly cloudy during the early evening, then becoming cloudy, with a low around 25. Calm wind becoming south between 8 and 11 mph. Winds could gust as high Continue reading

Fishing for Honu

Well, we’ve had a lovely visit with SB and KH. We saw all the sights, swam the swims, toured the museums, drank the frou-frou umbrella drinks and, most importantly, went to the souvenir stores. We hit the last one on the way to the airport to drop them off for the trip home. DH found a holographic bookmark with honu (sea turtles) and he felt I couldn’t live without it. Today, while I was lying Continue reading

On a more colorful thought…

Bouquets of Hawaiian flora are blooming all around us, with the reminder that new life through our risen Lord Jesus Christ is giving all the world, new hope of new and better eternal life, even tho we face catastrophes, dilemmas, ill health, earth quakes, tsunamis, fires, wars, and “personal issues” , We know we can look for Gods promises in the rainbow and our risen Christ on Easter morning. He Is Risen, He is risen Continue reading

It all depends…..

I might survive this. Maybe. I have now been ill for 6 1/2 weeks. It started with a sore throat, then developed into the cough from hell. I cough, choke, wheeze all day. All night. I have finished three courses of antibiotics.  I have had (unremarkable) chest xrays.  With the help of Drs. K and H, I have inhaled steroids and codeine cough syrup….making the symptoms almost tolerable. Those of you who are women of Continue reading

Please pray!

Looking for “The prayers of  a righteous man” Hi David here, This is my 1st time blogging  on this web sight that my son designed and built for Chele my wife and myself.  It is almost Easter  and I am asking for a miracle too! Chele has been sick for about the last 6 weeks and has been treated with 2 courses of antibiotics, BUT still has a TERIBLE hacking cough that won’t go away…after Continue reading

Dead. DEAD!!!!

We had a psychology professor in medical school. Her goal was to make us “sensitive” to our patients. In order to “be sensitive” she exhorted us to be clear when explaining things. One of those things was death. “When a patient dies, you need to tell the family he DIED.  He did not ‘pass’ or ‘expire’ or ‘bought the farm. He died. And say it twice,” she told us, “so that the family hears it.” Continue reading

Do I stink?

Ok, maybe it’s because I’m sick with pneumonia, and the lack of oxygen is making me cranky….. …but why email me with a question/comment/chat, and then completely ignore my response, refuse to reply….. I took a bath this week. Rant over.

The dog ate my camera….

….manual. So, because there was a perigee full moon, and I have always wanted an underwater camera, I splurged yesterday and bought an Intova digital camera, including a very good watertight case for underwater pics. I knew a shot of the full “supermoon” coming up over the ocean would be stunning. I got the camera home, charged it up, and took a couple of preliminary shots (a total of four, actually….) At dusk, I went Continue reading


DH always calls it our “left-handed house.”  He is not being complementary when he does so. The upstairs, which originally was divided into a kitchen and a small sitting area (there was already a perfectly FINE kitchen downstairs…..) has been remodeled into a family room.  But….it’s just awkward.  A stairway at one wall cuts into the floor space, and a “front door” at the back leads to a laundry area..the whole upstairs was originally the Continue reading


SB and KH are coming!!!!!! WOOT!

Selfish me…..

I tried so not to share it with DH.  I wanted to keep it all to myself. So, for days I avoided him, not letting him get so close that he could share it. I even slept in the guest house so that he wouldn’t sneak a sample of it while we dozed. All to no avail…. This morning he woke with a sore throat…… Good thing I made the script for a double dose Continue reading