Yum….or yuck

Flat, warm diet 7=up. YUM! Lukewarm ground up risotto. YUM! Just about anything else? Yuck. It was all lies: all those truisms about “you can eat all the ice cream you want” after tonsillectomy. The problem is, you DON’T want to eat any. What no one mentioned in any discussion of the procedure, is that you lose all sense of taste. For some people, it can last months. For others, just a week or so. Continue reading

NSV (non-scale victory)

I had to buy new running shoes: …because I was running so much that I actually blew flats in my old Eccos”

No Drama

This morning Father Moki asked (as is usual in our congregation) if there were any special prayer or thanksgiving requests.  I made my way to the front of the church, dropped my dollar into the offering box and asked for the congregation’s prayers for healing and safety as I am having surgery this week. A tonsillectomy. At the age of 60.  phhhttt. Father Moki then ran back to the sacristy, brought forth a chair and Continue reading

April in Paris

10-40AC13C0-1630508-800 And Monte Carlo And Venice …all of course on one Strip of road…. I attended a conference last week at the Venetian.  Lovely place. Lovely art. Lovely architecture. Nice big suites as standard rooms. But….. On the first day of my conference I dutifully trekked to the meetings area, checked the board for the room location…..and found nothing. No such meeting was listed.  It was 6:45 am, the concierge desk was closed, the only person Continue reading

A Fish Called Wanda

It always starts out easily enough. I’ll say “You know, it would be nice if….” ….and then he takes it from there. “A deck,” I say….a deck he builds. “A bigger bathtub,” I muse….he remodels the bathroom. “A closet for my bedroom” I opine…..and double wide closets are installed. This time, it was “Perhaps we need to think about a aquaponics garden.” Aquaponics is the system of using fish ponds to fertilize plants which are Continue reading

Me and Herbie

So. I’ve gone thru several underwater cameras……..they last for awhile, then get a leak, have electronic issues, mechanical problems.  I found this Intova Sport Pro HD Video Camera at Goodwill of all places, and tried it out at Kapoho Tidepools yesterday.  So here is me and Herbie the Honu (turtle for all you malahini…..)

Psalm 46….revised

IMAG0132 Akamai the wonder dog had a traumatic day today. His long Border Collie/Australian Shepherd hair is a magnet for every weed/burr/tangle. His haunches were a mass of mats. His ears were a terror of tangles. Akamai is good boy…but he does NOT like to be brushed. He will NOT let me cut out the mats(he clamps down on my wrist with his teeth….not biting but making sure I know that such an action is not Continue reading

Akaka Falls

DH and I hiked the falls trail last week. It had been raining quite a lot, and the falls were….um….falling…more voluminously than we had ever seen:

I’m Overweight!!!!

That damned little mii (my wii playstation avatar) gets on the scale…..the line goes up and up and then the little voice exclaims  “That’s obese!!” Well, yes, it is supposed to motivate me, I guess.  It did make me look forward to the day that the line crossed downward from “Obese” to “Overweight.” This week it happened!!! BMI went from 30.19 last weigh-in to 29.97 this weigh-in, and the squeaky mii said not “That’s Obese!” Continue reading

Got to begin again….

The old saying is “use it or lose it…” I was so proud that I was running up to four miles at a time, running at least 3 days a week.  My recent health-related debacle stopped all that activity cold. Granted, it’s only been 6 days since I did any exercise, and I told DS earlier this week, I’ve been having trouble getting enough food into me to maintain BMR let alone fuel a workout. Continue reading

Well THAT was fun….

…..not. There I was, minding my own business on Friday afternoon when I noted the beginning of a sore throat.  I’m a doctor. I see sick people every day.  “Virus,” I said to myself.  “I’ll get over it.” All day Saturday it was bothersome, but not urgent.  “I’ll pick up some antibiotics after church tomorrow.” We had dinner with friends, and when I arrived home Saturday night, I had shaking chills. “Definitely need to get Continue reading

Vanity, thy name is Woman…

So, I’ve been feeling pretty smug lately.  Sixty-three pounds lost, running at least 10 miles per week, and doing aerobics on my non-running days, I was thinking I look pretty good. I lost my hospital ID badge a few months ago, and have been putting off asking for a new one until I thought I would be happy with my new portrait.  This week I was ready.  I fluffed my hair, wore earrings, applied makeup….and Continue reading