Chicken Skin

Many years ago, long before I even dreamed of attending medical school, I heard an NPR news story about Dr. Benjamin Carson. He pioneered the hemispherectomy:  brain surgery on children which, in order to stop persistent seizures, involved removing half of their brains.  Now, most mothers have accused their children of only having half a brain, but I can’t imagine being the one to whom the doctor says “I can help stop your child’s seizures, Continue reading

You Should Be Dancin’! Yeah!

DCIM100MEDIA At Richardson beach yesterday, I saw this honu.  The sun playing on the surface of the water, and the way he moved reminded me of a 1970’s disco playing the BeeGee’s  song You Should Be Dancing!

I know…..

IMG_20130614_165202_063 …that the label is probably wrong. …that it’s vanity sizing. …that because it’s jersey it stretches, and because I found it on the clearance 99cent rack at Goodwill, it probably ALREADY was stretched out. …that I wouldn’t even think of wearing it without my Spanx camisole. I don’t care. It’s a size 8. EIGHT!!!!!

My first….

….octopus on the move.  At Mauna Kea beach today, I saw something out of the corner of my eye swimming off in another direction. When I turned to see it, it was gone, but the top of a piece of coral seemed to be breathing…..   coolness!

I lost my dog….

lostdog “figuratively” speaking, of course (pun intended….) On the chat room boards at, someone posted that she had lost the equivalent of an automobile tire, and posted a long list of equivalent weights for comparison. Having just had Akamai the wonder dog to the vet where he was weighed, I realized that I have lost his equivalent in weight…..thus, I “lost” my dog! (um…..that’s 75lbs!)

A good day underwater….

….of course, “underwater” was at the aquarium at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, but still, it was cool!

A Retroactive Apology

Dear Amy, I was wrong. When you had your tonsils out at age (?)25, I thought you were a wimp.  I thought you were playing up the pain to the hilt in order to gain attention and sympathy. I thought your inability to eat anything but soup and broth—and even then with obvious discomfort— was a bit over the top. I done ya wrong. A tonsillectomy as an adult is painful. Frustrating because you’re hungry, Continue reading

NSV (non-scale victory) #2

Dear friends Joe and Diana are visiting from Alaska.  She has always been my “skinny” friend.  They are both fit, active and trim. We took them on our “see the Big Island tour” and went to Volcano National Park.  In Thurston Lava Tube, a long, dark dimly lit…… old lava tube…..DH walked ahead of me next to Diana.  He fondly put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her to him.  Now, DH is demonstrative, Continue reading

Take THAT, Grandma!

IMAG0224 “You ain’t no farmer!” is what she said to me when I told her years ago that DH and I had bought thirty acres in Nevada. “What are you going to do with all that land?” “Enjoy looking at it!” was my reply. But, when moving to Hawaii, we truly did look forward to growing our own veggies and fruit on the 1.77 acres we have here. And we have been singularly unsuccessful in doing Continue reading

Yum….or yuck

Flat, warm diet 7=up. YUM! Lukewarm ground up risotto. YUM! Just about anything else? Yuck. It was all lies: all those truisms about “you can eat all the ice cream you want” after tonsillectomy. The problem is, you DON’T want to eat any. What no one mentioned in any discussion of the procedure, is that you lose all sense of taste. For some people, it can last months. For others, just a week or so. Continue reading

NSV (non-scale victory)

I had to buy new running shoes: …because I was running so much that I actually blew flats in my old Eccos”

No Drama

This morning Father Moki asked (as is usual in our congregation) if there were any special prayer or thanksgiving requests.  I made my way to the front of the church, dropped my dollar into the offering box and asked for the congregation’s prayers for healing and safety as I am having surgery this week. A tonsillectomy. At the age of 60.  phhhttt. Father Moki then ran back to the sacristy, brought forth a chair and Continue reading