April’s Fools

I grew up in the 1960’s, in a suburb of Detroit. The 60’s saw numerous race-related conflicts, and in 1967 riots broke out in Detroit’s inner city. Mt. Clemens is a town about 30 miles east of Detroit, and we lived there in a semi-rural lake/river community. Our house was actually on an island-bay to our north, lake to the East, river to the south and a small bridged canal on the west was the Continue reading

Dry Bones

IMG_20200329_061921220 You may recall our catchment catastrophe…. Here in Hawaii, many homes (like ours) get their water supply from rain run-off. It rains, gutters funnel the water to pipes which fill large metal tanks with plastic liners. Pumps then run the water through filters and eventually into our homes. We’ve lived here 12 years, and it rains ALL THE TIME. It didn’t occur to us to check the tank for the water level….until there was none Continue reading

Penned In

KODAK Digital Still Camera So last week I dissed an entire faith community in my Lenten thoughts, basing my dislike of ALL of them on two isolated incidents in my life. We went to church that day (the Third Sunday in Lent) and were told that it would be our last gathering for the foreseeable future as the Diocese had to decided to close all its churches to community worship. This, of course, was due to the coronavirus pandemic Continue reading


preach I don’t like Mormons. It may be due to my experience with Sue, an LDS singer who joined our wedding band (too many years ago to count) and who, at the first rehearsal, at MY home, chastised me for sipping a Diet Coke because it offended her belief system….Or it might be because of Lillian, a former patient of mine, who attended the LUTHERAN funeral of my office manager, and then proceeded to proselytize the Continue reading

I look to the hills

kubota “Hey, David,” Henry said. “We need to check the pressure tank and water pump because the water pressure in the cottage is really low.” We had noted the same thing in the main house, and it was usually because the filters were dirty, blocking water flow. So David changed the filters….and 30 minutes later there was again no water pressure, and the new filters were filthy and clogged with silt. He peeked into the catchment Continue reading

Presents of Presence

Today being the first Sunday in Lent, Father David opened his sermon by wondering why the season of Lent is not as anticipated as say, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, or even Advent. “We don’t look forward to singing Lent songs,” he said. “Perhaps it’s the lack of presents…..” My twisted mind heard “presents” and interpreted “presence.” Now, perhaps that is because this time of year is…..difficult. My only child died of cancer nearly three Continue reading

Jumping for Joy

So I threw myself a birthday party. I invited my “ohana”….friends here in Hawaii who have become family. Part of the festivities was a carol sing. Mike and Lisa and Aaron and Joe and Richard and Lynn and I played guitar or ukulele. Doug played keyboards. DH played his Cajon. Nancy, Henry, Jeff, Father David and Nida sang along. I had printed off some music books in advance, and one of the carols was “Joy Continue reading

Ruh Roh…(part 2)

So you know when you’re driving along, and a thought enters your mind….which leads to another thought, which then takes you down some rabbit hole? There I was this morning, driving to the CME conference in town, when I started thinking about cars. We plan to sell or trade both our work cars in for one new one (as I plan to retire…some day…and we don’t need THREE cars-the ‘Vette is not negotiable!)….so thought about Continue reading

Hali’a o Kapoho

The lava eruption of 2018 entered Kapoho, destroyed Green Lake, burned homes, and eventually entered and destroyed Kapoho Bay/Kapoho Tidepools. The tidepools are the first place we stayed at on Big Island. It was here that DH looked at me and said “I’ve never seen you look so happy.” It was here that we decided that Hawaii was calling us to make her our home. It was here that we spent many days/hours exploring the Continue reading

The Sweetest Thing

KODAK Digital Still Camera Today was “deep chicken coop mucking day.” All the (poop encrusted) wood shavings needed to be scooped up from the “poop rail” and replaced. All the (poop encrusted) shavings on the floor needed to be shoveled into bags, removed to the compost pile, and replaced. While I was in the coop area I did some other cleaning up: my volunteer cherry tomato vine (which started on the OUTSIDE of the coop area) had migrated through Continue reading

It’s Impossible

tock The book was sitting on the shelf where I always place my coffee cup, above the computer that I always work at. It was there on Tuesday. I looked at the cover briefly, then set it down and finished my charting. The book was there on Wednesday, in the same place. It was there on Thursday, also, so after finishing my charts, I picked it up and read the first chapter. “The Phantom Tollbooth,” by Continue reading

God Knew

God knew. He must have known… See, the back story is this. I have been a regular poster on a fitness message board for years. Every month, I posted my running/walking mileage, tried to meet my stated goal, commiserated with follow posters who missed their goals, congratulated those who met goals….We were a tight knit group. When Steve our son died just before the cancer fundraising 5k that he and I were organizing, the message Continue reading