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She’s come a long way, baby!

IMG_20170219_081729 She followed me home almost two years ago while I was out running. Lily was terrified of loud noises, skittish,hid in the garden under the tree for a week before she would allow us to come near her. She was especially terrified of David and of most men. This morning I shot this photo of her comfortably laying her head on David’s arm, looking at him adoringly. We’ve come a long way, baby

Ice Cream Bread

icecreambread 3 cups of self-rising flour 4 cups of your favorite full-fat ice cream, softened Mix ingredients, smooth into a loaf pan. Bake at 350 for 55-65 minutes: test for doneness with a knife Don’t have self-rising flour? Add 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt to each cup of all purpose flour, mix thoroughly.

Cowrie Shell

DCIM100MEDIA This looked like someone had polished it and set it right there for me to see! Seen at Kapoho Tidepools

Yellow Tang

DCIM100MEDIA Seen at Kapoho Tidepools

Achilles Tang

DCIM100MEDIA Seen at Kapoho Tidepools

Brittle Seastar

seastar2 Seen at Kapoho Tidepools.

Goldring Surgeonfish

DCIM100MEDIA Seen at Kapoho Tidepools

Lion’s Paw Sea Cucumber

tentacled thing It’s tentacles look and move like an octopus, but has no suckers and the body is NOT octopus-like. someone suggested it’s a nudibranch, but I can’t find any similar images of tentacled nudibranches UPDATE!!! Thanks to TomK at Punaweb.org : it is a Lion’s Paw Sea Cucumber PICT0108 from c h on Vimeo.