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Is It Live……

……or is it just a piece of floating flesh?  I saw this LWT (little white thing) floating near some rocks at Mauna Kea resort.  At first I thought it was just a piece of floating flotsam (or is that jetsam?), but as I watched, it repeatedly attached to the surrounding rocks, then floated free again.  Though it’s not seen clearly on the video, it did seem to have a (very small) snout and mouth.  The Continue reading

Scrawled Filefish

All Creatures…

….great or small were blessed on St. Francis Day. On that Sunday, the church was filled with barks, meows, chirps and gurgles as the congregation brought their furry/scaled/feathered friends to church. Ewalani the puppy princess was there to oversee the festivities:

Rolling on…

Today I ran the Sunrise Athletics 5k at Waiakea High School.  It was NOT at sunrise, but rather started at 9am.  The course ran through the parking lots, over the surrounding grassy fields and along the grass in front of the school. Um, running through grass is much more energy consuming than running on asphalt.  And at 9am, the air is very warm and muggy. So, though I didn’t beat my personal best (34:14)…..I still Continue reading