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2012 New Years Resolution

Well….most never keep their New Years resolutions,,,, BUT WE WILL!!! As you have read in past blogs of ours, that Akamai our 1 yr old puppy LOVES shagging golf balls that I (DH) hit with my pitching iron, and that (CH) bounces the golf balls off the deck for Akamai to catch….UNTIL NOW. Our 2012 New Years Resolution is… TO NEVER SHAG GOLF BALLS WITH GOLF CLUBS OR BOUNCING GOLF BALLS OFF THE DECK TO Continue reading

It’s Akin to the Box

I love the Mastercard commercial of the baby playing with a box. Doesn’t matter what came in it….the box itself became the plaything. Though not quite the same, I thought of that commercial today when DH played with his new Christmas gift. I bought him a Roku 2 XS:  a streaming digital video receiver. With it he can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, and hundreds of other movie, TV, cable and podcast productions-all on Continue reading

A Christmas Miracle

It has been raining for 3 1/2 weeks. Daily. Heavily. In torrents. Our ground is so saturated that we can no longer park our car in our yard. When our (old, steroid-dependent and thus very overweight) dog injured her leg (ok, when Akamai the puppy ran full tilt into her, knocking her over), and needed to go to the Vet, DH had to create a litter to drag her out to the car-then had to Continue reading

A PC holiday wish

Yes, I know I live in a multicultural society. I work with Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Jehova’s Witness, Hindus, New Age-ists, and even a few “Festivus”-ists.  And I do try to be culturally sensitive. But it’s SO damned hard for me to say “Happy Holidays!” when I want to shout “Ho, HO, HO!  Merry CHRISTmas!” So I laughed out loud when I came across this PC “Holiday Wish.” So, er…..Season’s greetings to you and yours….. Continue reading

I wish I had been here…..

…to see the look on his face. Last night, DH and I went to Volcano to celebrate my birthday.  When we returned at 10pm, he noted an opened umbrella laying on the lanai.  “Did you leave this here?” he asked.  “Nope….not me,” was my reply.  I then realized that it was my spare umbrella……It has been raining a lot, so I have been leaving an umbrella just outside the door.  I can use it to Continue reading

The beginning of the end….

We can see it coming.  Buffy, the (formerly) hyperactive Golden Retriever, has developed a seizure disorder.  She suddenly flops to her side, jerks her legs for a few seconds……then loses bladder control. She is fourteen…..her hips are painful all the time, she has had a non-cancerous but locally invasive tumor on her rump, and a smaller one on her eye, both of which periodically break open and bleed copiously. Ursula, the big brown thirteen year-old Continue reading

In The Long-Term Scheme of Things….

Years ago, while still in medical school, my dear friend Geri listened to me gripe (endlessly, I’m sure she thought) about trying to keep my family’s head above financial water.  Each semester I would borrow to the hilt to make tuition and living expenses, and DH would be slaving away at home in Phoenix, trying to keep the house and car payments up to date. Geri would ask:  “In the long-term scheme of things, what Continue reading

I’m Still Not a Grownup….

To this day (50 some years later) I remember gagging….whining…..complaining….shoving it around my plate to avoid eating it….when Mom served baked acorn squash.  She would cut it half, sprinkle it with brown sugar and butter, and bake it. I hated it. So, when I saw acorn squash in the grocery this week, at a good price….I opined to myself that it was my immaturity that caused me to dislike it as a child.  My tastebuds Continue reading

Did you know….

That your tires can talk? I got a “wild hair (or is it hare….) this week, and made DH take me up to Volcano National Park at night.  I wanted to take pictures of the Military Camp all lit up for Christmas.  I also wanted to see if we could view any lava flow. We drove down Chain of Craters road to where Pu’u O’o was reportedly flowing. Down…down…down… all the way to the sea Continue reading