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The Gravelpit

We had a tendency to be…impulsive. Early in our marriage we lived in Phoenix, where the oppressive heat in mid-summer made us want to leave town every time we had a free day or two. David worked long hours as an equipment technician, and so we often found ourselves leaving town late in the evening. On this weekend, he had gotten home later than usual, but it didn’t stop us from throwing the camping gear Continue reading

The Exhausted Majority…..

….R Us. (or, R me, anyway). A study last year discussed how a large percentage of Americans may not fit into the traditional political mold: neither liberal nor conservative, aligned with neither Republican nor Democrat, and that many people find the fractured political landscape leads to fractures in relationships with family, friends and coworkers. For the last few years I have found myself obsessively-sometimes literally for hours daily-scouring news stories, posts, tweets and “reddits” and Continue reading

Taking the plunge..

In my dream I was standing on the shore of a sandy beach, leaning against a piling. I was dressed as for church: a dress, pumps and modest jewelry, my hair neatly combed. A swell of water came in and overtook me, covering me completely. It was not a crashing wave, but an upwelling of the sea. It did not crush me against the piling, nor did it tumble me with furor-rather it came in Continue reading

Running on Big Island

IMG_20130908_091604_601 So I like to pretend that I am a runner. In reality, that means that I move a bit faster than when I am meandering. “Real” runners would (and have) lapped me twice during any given distance. Nevertheless, I have racks of medals which prove I have at least finished (and in some cases won or placed in my age group) many races. This section of “what to see on BI” is dedicated to anyone Continue reading

Blue Christmas

This year our church hosted a “Blue Christmas” service: one designed for people in mourning, or who have suffered loss, or who deal with depression, or who for whatever reason, just don’t feel up to the typical “festiveness” of the season.  A contemplative service, it offered a message of love, compassion and support without the trappings of HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHOLIDAYS!!!!! Having lost our only child due to cancer recently, I was NOT looking forward to this service. Continue reading

The Wall

After 4urmph years of marriage, he has learned that any comment beginning with “you know what would be nice….” portends some construction/redecorating/rejuvenation project in which his cooperation/participation is mandatory. So, DH demonstrated some restraint when I suggested that what we needed was a wall. “Yes,” I told him….”a wall on the east end of our lanai.”  It would, I reasoned, block all those unsavory elements that pressed against us…unwanted. I had invited people for Christmas Continue reading